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BioMaterials from Botox injections in Melbourne.

Botulinum – Anti wrinkle, Anti depression …No sweat
Botulinum injections are by far the most popular cosmetic treatment performed throughout the world. To give you some idea, according to American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) statistics, in 2009, there were more than 5 million procedures performed in the USA alone. The reason for this boom in popularity is that, generally, the results are good, it’s minimally invasive, it’s quick and there are very few problems with side effects.

Essentially the injections work by relaxing and partially immobilizing muscle in the area where it’s injected. It works particularly well in areas where we develop, so called, “character lines” …that is, crow’s feet, frown lines and forehead lines. Our levels of collagen diminish as part of the aging process and the areas I mentioned age even more quickly because repeated muscle movement and the continual creasing and folding of the skin accelerates the breakdown of collagen further. By the way I often use dermal fillers and or collagen boosting injections in conjunction with the muscle relaxing botulinum for a more complete (whole face) rejuvenation treatment.
It’s also worth considering that there’s a valid argument for getting botulinum injections relatively early. Breaking the cycle of repetitive muscle movement early has a preventative value, since relaxing the muscles will actually inhibit the formation of “character lines” and stave off the progression of fine lines becoming deeply etched lines.
Another effect of botulinum that’s been in the news lately is that botulinum therapy can actually make you feel better and in fact there’s a  theory currently in research, that it can be used to treat depression.
People often say they feel better after receiving injections and it was generally assumed that this was simply a consequence of looking fresher and younger which in turn gives your spirits and confidence a lift. However, some researchers are hypothesizing (and there is evidence to support their view) that because we physically relax the muscle mechanics that we use to frown and scowl we are also reducing the underlying emotions of stress and anxiety that we are conditioned to associate with those facial expressions. Go ahead…just try frowning ….and you do feel kind of stressed …it may well be that if you’re frowning your brain “tells” you that you’re stressed! …if that’s true ii should also follow that if we smile more we’ll be happier 
Here’s a link to a TV story on botulinum use to treat depression.
While we’re on the wonders of botulinum, some of you may not realize that it is also a very effective (and clinically proven) treatment for hyperhidrosis (the clinical term for excess sweating). Unless you’re someone that suffers from problem you probably don’t appreciate what a profound negative impact sweating can have on your social and professional life.  The treatment is simple and consists of a number of tiny injections into the skin around the problem area (most commonly the armpit). This blocks the action of the nerves that control the sweat glands responsible for producing perspiration.
The treatment takes about an hour (by the way we’re currently offering $100 off sweating treatments if you book this week and mention this blog)  Call 3003 4000 now for an appointment.
BTW in case you wondering why I use the term botulinum instead of just calling it Bot – x like everyone else…here’s the story.
Some confusion exists regarding the various terms used for injections of botulinum toxin. Most people commonly refer to the product as
Bot – x, which is actually a product trademarked by Allergan Pharmaceuticals. However because it is a Schedule 4  substance, in other words, only available by prescription by a qualified medical practitioner, the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration)  prohibit the use of the product name in anything that they deem to be an advertisement. Their definition of advertisement is very broad and therefore even in an article like this, which is intended to provide useful information ( and some light reading!) I am obliged to use a generic term such as botulinum therapy (the active ingredient of this product is botulinum toxin type A). You can find a professional doctor to inject botox at:
Bye for now. Let me know if you have any questions